Wednesday, July 29, 2009

more an amusing anecdote than "news"

my friend dave faulk sent me this funny news story about this swedish couple who drove 400 miles in the wrong direction because the spelled their destination wrong on their GPS. this story is funny for 3 reasons:
  1. the most obvious and least absurd: the couple was WAY off and didn't even notice.
  2. the couple sought help from an italian tourism official, who was such a dick that he went so far as to contact the BBC about this poor stupid swedish couple.
  3. the most absurd reason: the BBC is such a bunch of dicks, that they went so far as to write a story - a NEWS story - about something so trivial and embarrassing.

i just can't help imagining this swedish guy, who just the week before was bragging to his buddies at work about how he was gonna go see the ol' Blue Grotto in Capri. he boasted of his new GPS and his ability to take time off to see exotic places with his wife. and anyway, i imagine him going into work monday morning, back in sweden, and all the guys have already been on the BBC's website and read the story that morning. and all the guys kind of chuckle and say, "so ... so, hey Sven, (stiffled laughter) how was the trip?" and poor Sven's cheeks go a little rosy but he manages to stay calm and he says something like, "oh, it was great. great trip. very pretty." and they say, "you eh ... you get to see the ol' Blue Grotto and all that?" and a couple of them snicker. Sven says "yes. it was very pretty. we liked it a lot." then Olaf, the office bully, is like, "was it easy to find?" and they all bust up laughing. Sven tries to ignore them and play it off like he didn't understand the joke. Then he spends all afternoon crying in a bathroom stall.

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