Monday, July 27, 2009

i'm wasting away

it's so hot. for the past week or so, when not at work, i've just been sitting around, sweating, drinking water and tea, eating burritos and watching baseball on television. just kidding about the baseball. i've been watching a lot of old movies and funny tv shows. but i do have a cool painting about baseball. my friend trent (the american lion) gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago. it's cool. it was painted by this guy called steve keene. he paints tons of these things and sells them for very cheap. the catch is: you can't pick a painting. he just paints and mails them out. i think that's cool. it kind of blew my mind when trent told me about the guy. i used to have a problem with getting really attached to things and making too big of a deal out of things. stuff like the steve keene paintings remind me you can just do stuff allll the time and each little thing can be good in its own way. you don't have to set out to make the best thing ever and then give up when it's not so good. i guess you could say steve keene is a little bit responsible for this stupid blog. blame him, not me.

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