Thursday, July 16, 2009

my armpits smell like chicken noodle soup

i know it sounds weird, but when i'm kind of sweaty, and then the sweat dries, my armpits smell like chicken noodle soup. campbell's chicken noodle soup, to be exact. i made this discovery a few years ago when i was living in indianapolis. i immediately shared the observation with my friend and roommate, dave faulk. he didn't believe me at first, so i told him to smell for himself.

he took a whiff and gagged. "that smells like B.O." he argued.
i took another sniff. "no, it's chicken noodle soup."
he had his hand over his nose. he was angry. "no. that's B.O."

we still fail to see eye-to-eye on the issue to this very day. it's caused a lot of strain on our friendship.

one important lesson i took away from the whole experience was that if you want your friend to smell something gross, tell them it smells like something that doesn't smell gross. BUT BE SPECIFIC. for example, something like "hey, this dog poop smells like skittles," is a surefire way to convince your friend to smell dog poop. try it at home.


Dave said...

you're right, that DOES work...

but as for the chicken noodle soup, let's try it again. please send an envelope of sweaty armpit hairs to my parents' house, and we'll get them in on it too.

Anonymous said...

my friends and i think that BO smells like chicken noodle.....really. It does!

Anonymous said...

That's why I don't eat Campbell's chicken noodle soup anymore. I was sick once and hadn't showered in 3 days. I was eating Campbell's soup and all of a sudden I couldn't tell the difference between my armpit smell and the dadgum soup. I almost tossed my cookies right then and there.

Donald Zickau said...

That would be the end of chicken soup for me