Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i like tricks like this

my friend kienan tricked me today. he texted me about something. i responded and quickly added that my sister had given birth to a baby girl named amanda this morning. kienan responded by saying "cool" and asking if it was a boy or a girl. he also asked what the baby's name was.

on a normal day, i might be annoyed that he hadn't paid attention to my full text. but today i was in good spirits. on account of the birth. so i responded with "a girl! Amanda!" and then i got this text: it says "Haha! Frustrating having to type it twice, ah. Sorry, i had to do it." boy did i have egg on my face. kienan is awesome at jokes like that. what you do is: you play dumb and see if the other person is polite or if they call out your mistake. either way, they think YOU'RE the dumb one but, really, you're the one manipulating them. pretty hilarious, if you ask me.
Haaaaaaaa you got me!


Brian said...

What?! You're an uncle again? Bastard... share some with the rest of us. I wanna be an uncle too.

Congrats man

Nicholas! said...

yeah dude! this is nephew number 6.

that makes 4 boy nephews and 2 girl nephews.

and i just realized that 3 of the 6 have names that start with the letter A.
and of of the 3 who don't, 2 of them have middle names that start with the letter A.

Amber said...

who is Nicholas!? and why is he telling us about his nephews? i don't care about this guy.