Wednesday, July 22, 2009


today, i had to pick my roommate up from LAX. as i was merging to get to the terminals, a big black SUV with dark tinted windows almost hit me. then, as we got closer to the terminals, there was a huge police checkpoint where airport cops were stopping everyone and searching cars "at random." i was wondering if the black SUV would get searched just because it was so shady looking. by the time we had to stop, the SUV was in the lane next to me. they rolled down the windows and there were four or five middle-eastern-looking dudes inside. i was like "oh man, they're definitely getting searched." sure enough, the cops had them pull to the shoulder of the road. meanwhile, the cop in my lane took one look at me and waved me forward.

now, IF those guys were totally innocent, it would really suck if they missed their flight or something because they definitely just got pulled over for looking possibly muslim. BUT ... what if they WERE terrorists and what if i hadn't been such a defensive driver and what if they DID run into me while merging? i would've thwarted a terrorist attack! i'd be a hero!

the next time someone merges without checking their blindspot, just let them hit you. who knows how many lives you'll save?

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