Friday, July 24, 2009

i'm a nice guy, normally

maybe i'm a dick ... maaaaaaaybe ... but stuff like the above screengrab really cracks me up. i was on some facebook page for some contest for the city of orlando and a woman by the name of something magpie something posted a comment that graciously congratulated the finalists of the contest. she ended the comment with "now i am going to go punch a wall." she's clearly joking. she's clarifying the fact that she was one of the contestants who was not chosen as a finalist, and she's doing so in a humorous manner.

now, see, what i did was post on her comment as if i had, in fact, read the first half of the comment (the gracious congratulations) as sarcasm and the second half (the intended joke) as a serious statement.

now, that to me is hilarious. the unfortunate side effect of my hilarious joke is the possibility that magpie is going to be mildly excited to see a response to her comment. then, she'll be stupified and frustrated at the moronic misinterpretation of her joke.

NORMALLY, i avoid having a laugh that might make someone else frustrated, sad, or any other negative emotion. normally i'm a nice guy. but dammit, it's so funny to me.
it also cracks me up that someone called katie kelly thinks that patrick and i are really cool guys. i think she's a really cool girl. i wonder what her middle name is.

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