Tuesday, July 21, 2009

isn't this weather crazy? no, it's weather.

it's been really hot in LA lately. a little humid even. which, allegedly, is uncommon this time of year.
so at work, i always have people saying stuff like "can you believe this heat?" and in my head, i always want to say something like "i guess so. doesn't make sense to not believe it. if i don't believe the heat, what can i believe?" but instead, i just say something like "i know! it's really hot!" and they proceed to tell me that this feels like "september weather" or "east coast weather."

the same thing happened when it was cold in december. people were baffled. i find that really annoying. am i the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who remembers that weather is ALWAYS doing weird stuff? it's weather. it's relatively unpredictable.

every year there's a week or so in the fall when it gets really cold and everyone freaks out and says that winter came early. then it warms back up and winter comes around the normal time. then every february or march, there's a really warm week and everyone freaks out and gets excited and thinks that summer came early. but then it gets cold again and summer comes around the normal time.

and it blows my mind that people fall for the pump fake EVERY YEAR.
i think the only way to solve this problem is to make everyone live in a new climate each year. when i lived in ireland for a semester in college, there was this three week period of time when it didn't rain at all and it was sunny everyday. people would say, "isn't this weather strange?" and i had to answer "i don't know. i'm new here."


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