Sunday, August 30, 2009

best birthday evaaaaaaaaaaa (falling off cliff)

yesterday was my birthday. birthdays are awesome because everybody's supposed to be nice to you. sometimes some people aren't. those people are dicks. so what i did, is i hung out with people who i knew weren't dicks. that's how i knew they'd all be nice to me.
my friend brian invited some friends and me to a place called morro bay. my friend margaret baked a cake for me that read "yay nic!" and it had flowers made of sugar and there was supposed to be a bear pooping but the bear wouldn't stand up.
also, we went to a place called hearst castle which is more of an "obnoxiously large house" than a "castle." hearst was this guy whose dad was rich and then he owned a bunch of newspapers and then he bought whatever he wanted to put in his house. stuff like art and zebras and polar bears and tapestries. and he had a cool looking pool where the tour guides get to swim on mondays. anyway, some girl took our picture at hearst castle and then demanded money. we said yeah right. one of my friends grabbed the picture and then i tackled the photographer and we flew over the edge of a cliff because i tackled her too hard.

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