Tuesday, August 25, 2009

schoolpants summer of fun tour '09

well, the weekend of 14aug09 saw schoolpants in new york city (usa). this past weekend (21aug09) was stop 2 on the schoolpants summer of fun tour '09: St Louis, Mizzuhhhh (also usa).
new york city is sort of up in the right-hand corner of the continental united states. st louis is sort of in the middle. sort of. where will i be next weekend (28aug09)??? stay tuned to find out. nah, i'll just tell you. i'll be in california. it's on the left of the country.
st louis was fun. they have this big dumb metal arch there and every time we saw it, i'd go "hey, st louis arch" and point at it. i thought they built the arch back in 1944 for the worlds fair that took place in st louis. boy was i wrong. they didn't build it for that at all. and the worlds fair was there in 1904, not 1944. have you ever seen that movie "meet me in st louis" starring judy garland? well THAT was made in 1944 and it takes place at the 1904 worlds fair. i had to watch that movie for my intro to film class when i was a freshman in college. i don't remember much about that movie but i remember having to write a paper about how this scene in the movie where people are trick-or-treating is a metaphor for world war II. i think it was the first paper i ever wrote in college. i was nervous. i think i got a B.
anyway, st louis was fun. i was there for my brother's bachelor party. it was fun because it was the first time EVER where i got to hang out at bars with ALL of my brothers at once. it was awesome. they are funny guys. also, my brother's friends were there. i would always try to tag along with them when they were in high school and i was in junior high because i thought they were hilarious. now we're all kind of grown up and i still think they're hilarious. and my brother's college friend was there. he's hilarious too but i never felt like i was tagging along with him. because i was already like 17 by the time i met him so he never treated me like a little kid. even though i was a little kid when i was 17.
hey, the st louis arch!

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