Monday, August 3, 2009

fed up with angry seniors

i deal with a lot of people everyday at the coffee shop. some of them are old people. some of them are bitter old people. i used to try to be extra nice to mean old ladies. but not anymore. they're now the people who i feel the least sympathy for. because, come on, you're old! you've had your WHOLE LIFE to figure how to not be a prick and you've failed. how pathetic and awful is that?

i'm not mean to these old geezers. i just refuse to give them special treatment. i really want to level with them and just say, "look, you're old. you're probably going to die soon. you better figure out how to make your life not suck. and you better do it quick. because the clock is ticking. now, lose the attitude, ask me nicely for a cup of coffee, don't complain about the price, and say Thank You when i give it to you."

on the flip side, dealing with super nice old people is one of my favorite things at work. nice old people RULE!

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