Wednesday, August 12, 2009

corny jokes

this kind of stuff is so unbelievably hilarious to me. my friend, patrick, and i have been blogging about our adventures in orlando because there's a contest that sends two people to orlando to do just that. we gave ourselves the job, confident that we didn't ACTUALLY need to go to orlando to blog about orlando. the idea was that it would be fun for us to make stuff up. and if, in the process, we annoyed and/or confused a bunch of nerds who really wanted the job ... then that's just gravy.
anyway, some people get it. like jill townsend and michael w bunch. i don't know them. but they are cool in my book. some people don't get it though. for example, a fella named scott brooks is "effing confused" by us. what i find awesome is that when patrick and i started the orlando blog, we tried to write as if we were a real couple of nerds who were siked about going to disneyworld for two months. and we try to write extremely awkwardly. it's harder than it looks. but people like scott brooks make it seem SO EASY. he writes exactly how we STRIVE to write in the orlando blog. it's amazing. and hilarious. in his facebook comment, he accuses us of "hanging around," and "pretending to be funny, cool, and interesting."
i never could've thought of stuff like that! it's bonkers! anyway, patrick and i commented back, working on our scottbrooks-esque impressions. it was tremendously fun.
it reminds me of freshman year in college. i had this awful roommate named bill dinker. as far as awful roommates go, he's legendary. just an amazingly terrible guy. anyway, for some reason back then, everybody had these whiteboards on their dormroom doors. and people would leave messages and stuff. kind of like a pre-facebook wallpost type thing. anyway, to get dinker riled up one night, i went around and wrote "bill dinker is a stinker" on every white board in our building. he was furious! it was such a silly and childish thing to do, he just had no idea how to react. it was one of the happiest moments of my life. corny jokes are the best!


Anonymous said...

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William said...

Dinker wasn't that bad :)