Sunday, August 9, 2009

my favorite mug

this is my favorite coffee cup. it has ducks on it. one duck is flying through the air. two other ducks are walking on the ground. this particular mug doesn't have any ducks swimming in water. but, just so you know, that is another way that ducks get around.

when i was a kid, i remember seeing my mom occasionally drink out of this mug. i remember thinking it was special because it looked so different from all the other mugs. it was taller and heftier, more resembling a beer stein than a coffee cup. it was also different because all the other mugs had words on them like "mom" or "paris" or "notre dame." this one had ducks instead of words. very strange.

when i was moving out to boston, my mom packed up a bunch of old plates and stuff and she gave me this mug. i was shocked. i asked if she was sure she wanted me to have it. she shrugged and said something like, "yeah, i don't care."

just goes to show you: when you're a kid, you think stuff is special. but adults don't give a crap about anything.


pete said...

great lesson. you should host a kids show like mr. rogers.

anjestelle said...

I remember breaking my mom's favorite mug when I was taking water to my cat. It had robins on it.

schoolpants said...

that's so sad. i used to get extremely depressed whenever i accidentally broke mugs or glasses or anything really. i was pretty sentimental about everything when i was a kid. i'm getting better now.

i hope your mom didn't make you feel guilty about breaking the robin mug. it's not your fault.