Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"burritos" is like the only real meal i know how to cook. it's easy because you just cook ground beef and throw a bunch of seasoning in. then you warm up a tortilla and throw the meat on it with some cheese and whatever else you want in your burrito.
other than burritos, i mostly just cook frozen foods. or canned soup. or i make sandwiches.
a couple weeks ago when i was watching hilarious people in new york, matt walsh and ian roberts were doing a cooking show on stage and showing easy food you can make to impress girls. matt walsh made some weird quesidillas in the microwave. owen burke was playing the show's stage manager. he was handing quesidillas out to people in the audience. he gave me the last one. and that made me feel special.


pete said...

what's the difference between a burrito and a soft taco?

schoolpants said...

i don't know. i honestly ... don't ... know. furthermore, i can't tell you the difference between an enchilada and a chimichanga.

and as long i'm coming clean with you, i would like to confess: until about a month ago, i didn't know what a tamale was. now i do. they're pretty good.