Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DCM 11

so, the reason i went to new york this weekend wasn't just to make this blog bi-coastal. that doesn't even make sense. i was actually in new york for the del close marathon. despite the name, it was not actually 26 miles of del close. that wouldn't make sense. del close marathon is actually spanish for "of the close marathon," which doesn't make any sense either.

DCM is actually just a 72 hour marathon of awesome funny stuff. i enjoyed it. for 72 consecutive hours, i laughed, learned, and loved. i loved learning. i learned laughing. and laughed lernlove. which doesn't make sense. in fact, the whole weekend made very little sense. but it was pretty terrific. i was there from thursday night to monday morning and in that time, it is my estimate, that i slept a grand total of 13 hours.

on the plane home, my feet were itchy. when i got back to my apartment in LA, i took my shoes off. my feet were still black from dancing barefoot on stage the night before. i think this weekend might have been the least hygienic weekend of my life. it is my estimate that i sweat 4 gallons of beer, changed my underpants 3 times, washed my hands twice, and wore zero deodorant. it was great.

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pete said...

i didn't know you liked to run.