Thursday, August 13, 2009

i'm on an airplane!

i'm on an airplane right now. an airplane is like a big hallway that CAN FLY! and there's chairs everywhere. and three bathrooms. and three people with vests who walk around and yell at you and sometimes give you drinks and sandwiches. my friend brian is letting me borrow his computer. that's how i'm telling you all this stuff.

i'm on an airplane called "virgin america." the male flight attendant really likes my friends brian and margaret. i think he just gave them free drinks. he keeps making jokes about being "virgins" to virgin america, meaning, we haven't flown this airline before.

AAAAAAAAAAANYWAY. i'm gonna play this fun anagram game on the back of the seat in front of me now.


Amber said...

yeah right like they have anagrams on airplanes. liar.

schoolpants said...

virgin america dude. check it out. anagram games. absinthe. exciting sandwich options. that airline rules.