Wednesday, August 12, 2009


so i was just google image searching for "squirrels" and this article came up. now, i consider myself a pretty open-minded guy. i really try not to judge people. but if you partake in SQUIRREL SEASON, then something is fundamentally wrong with you. for example, the kid in the above picture, holding the rifle (with a scope), looking proud of his kill. now, initially, i thought "this kid is just excited because he wants to be a hunter like his dad and squirrels are easy practice." but c'mon. this kid had a rifle with a scope. when i was around 13 years old, i was hanging out in my backyard with my friend mike zoretich. there was a squirrel in the woods, about 15 yards away. mike threw a stone at it and missed. i had no intention of hurting that animal but i wanted to test my aim. so without thinking of the consequences, i picked up a decent sized rock, chucked it at the squirrel, and killed it dead. i wasn't proud. i had no quarrel with that squirrel and i had no intention of eating the squirrel or using it's hide for clothing.

if i could go back and change it, i probably would (maaaaybe). but i killed the thing and that's that. but i will say this: if i had been the type of kid who wanted to be a hunter, i would've picked up the squirrel and shoved it in this dopey kid's face (above photo). i would've said "who needs a scope, you sissy?" and i would've made the kid eat the squirrel. fur and all.
because honestly, where's the sport in squirrel-hunting? i'm not anti-hunting, but being proud of killing a squirrel with a rifle (with a scope) is like being proud of squashing a spider in your apartment with toilet paper (with a scope). now, if you were to kill a mountain lion, in the wild, with a hatchet, then i think that would be something to be proud of.
not to brag or anything, but when i was around 13 years old, i was hanging out with my friend mike zoretich. and i killed a mountain lion, in the wild, with a hatchet.


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They killed three more than their legal limit!