Wednesday, May 26, 2010

being sad

do you think bowling pins are sad? sometimes, when i'm sad, i think about it and i see something that looks kind of like a bowling pin. i guess i'd be sad if i were a bowling pin. i get sad a lot. i hardly ever go golfing though. i mean bowling. sometimes i get golfing and bowling mixed up. not the sports. just the words. that's like when i was a kid, i could never keep green and orange straight. i knew green was my favorite color i just couldn't ever remember what it was called. sometimes i'd ask for an orange crayon and then when somebody handed me orange i'd be like "dammit" and i'd feel really disappointed in myself and too embarrassed to exchange the orange for a green. then i'd see a bowling pin in my mind and mutter the word, "golf" to myself. something's wrong with my brain.

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