Saturday, May 29, 2010


tonight will be the last time i sleep in this apartment. it will be much like the first time i slept in this apartment. i will sleep in my trusty sleeping bag on the floor of my bedroom. my bed is in my new bedroom in my new apartment approximately three miles from here. i could sleep there tonight, but i like bookends. i like when stories end the way they began. and the story of me living here starts and ends alone in a sleeping bag on the floor. i like that.
for much the same reason, i plan to die on a tuesday evening around 6:55pm, naked, screaming, diving head first.

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Osiokeh said...

i like when parts of my life bookend as well. when tidying my closet to pack my belongings last week, i found an envelop with a welcome letter to Japan and things to expect on arrival. I also found my flight stubs from when I first came here three years ago. It was a nice feeling. The plot may not always be interesting, but God sure does know story structure.

(hmm... i think i'll twitter that...)