Monday, May 31, 2010

can't sleep

man, so i'm in a new apartment now. moving in was a lot of hard work and i didn't get much sleep the last few days, so you'd think, "wow, i'm gonna sleep good tonight!" but guess what: i'm NOT sleeping good tonight! and you grammar nerds are probably thinking, "That's correct. You are not sleeping good. You're sleeping well." but you're wrong too, nerd! i'm not sleeping at all! i don't know what the problem is. i was lying down on my bed, the lights were off, i was doing EVERYTHING you're supposed to do to go to sleep but it's just not happening.

i don't want to get off on the wrong foot with my landlord but if i'm not asleep by 3am, i'm calling him. i mean, when you're renting someone an apartment, at least have the common courtesy to tell them if it's a non-sleeping apartment. renters have rights.

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