Tuesday, May 11, 2010

rice: how much is too much?

when one makes rice for oneself, one often finds oneself asking oneself how much is too much. the answer is this much:
this much rice is too much rice. also stop referring to people as "one" and stop referring to people's selves as "oneselves." you sound like an asshole.

also, that's a pretty sad looking cheese toasty.

also, stop crying. you're a grown man.


wescoat said...

And stop eating rice and toast together. Way too many carbs. Completely unbalanced meal.

KK said...

what is cheesy toast?

Nathan Shaw said...

Dear Fatso.
Eat less rice.
Soy sauce.

schoolpants said...

my life is one big unbalanced meal.

i wish Fatso would catch on as a nickname for me.

it's not cheesy toast. it's a cheese toasty. it's cheese and bread. grilled into a sandwich. some call it a grilled cheese sandwich.

i thought carbs were good for me. they give you energy to fight crime, right?

Amber said...

i like this rice poasty a lot.

schoolpants said...

thank you amber. it's good to know that SOMEONE doesn't hate my stinkin' guts for eating.