Friday, May 7, 2010

better than authentic!

last time i was home, i had lunch with my brother, matt, and his wife and kids at a "mexican" restaurant called bandido's. matt bought me a meal and a $3 t-shirt. "three dollars for a t-shirt!" i exclaimed as we walked past the display t-shirt that had been stapled to the wall. my sister-in-law agreed that was an attractive price. the slogan on the t-shirt sealed the deal. Better than Authentic! what an awesome slogan. the owners are well aware that what they serve is not an accurate representation of mexican cuisine but they're confident theirs is better. like, "yeah, those mexicans had some pretty good ideas about food, but we really made them work."

hilarious. and i don't want to disparage this fine eatery. i have eaten there several times and always enjoy my meal. but i really think they should take this "better than authentic" thing and run with it. maybe by opening a restaurant in mexico.

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