Tuesday, May 25, 2010

yeah, i'm a disgusting human being

so i tried the infamous "double down" sandwich from kfc a few weeks ago. i guess maybe "sandwich" should be in quotes. there's no bread, you see. there are two pieces of fried chicken in lieu of bread. and the "meat" of the "sandwich" is bacon. and then of course every sandwich has cheese and some unknown sauce in the middle too. so that's what the double down is. and a lot of people think it's disgusting because it doesn't have bread. but that's a stupid reason to think something's disgusting. i, for one, think the double down is a good idea. my only complaint is that there wasn't a TON of chicken, which i guess is fine since the chicken is playing the role of bread in this "sandwich" and you'd never want a TON of bread on a sandwich. but there should be more "meat" in this "sandwich." namely, there should be more bacon. and i wouldn't mind a slice of tomato in there to healthy this thing up.

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