Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a miracle happened to me today

in february, i found an advertisement for Mega Super Star World Famous Clairvoyant James Capers. i tore the ad out and put it on my bulletin board. the ad inspired me for months. today, i finally worked up the courage to notice a website address on the ad.

Almost too excited to type, I fumbled with my keyboard until I entered the correct URL into my web browser. Loading, loading ... the anticipation is killing me. Literally killing me. I'm gasping for my last breath when the page finally loads and Dr. Capers himself is singing to me.
I'm not a super-spiritual person, but WOW, this guy is the Real Deal. He and his dog, Hope Angel, have worked with Royal Family members, Presidents, CEOs, and Hollywood celebrities! He speaks in tongues, he's semi-fluent in English, and he hates women. "Thus, even today we have some, not all Christian Churches dwelling in the flesh, promoting Christian doctrines that 'empowers woman,' and belittle men in their services. Marriages are crumbling because woman no longer see the Man as their head but they exuberate authority over their very own husbands, 'not very Biblical.' This hinders the full development of spiritual gifts and powers for woman."

And the song that plays on his homepage (http://www.drjamescapers.net), I can't get enough of it. The piano riff that loops throughout is wrought with emotion, while the electric guitar totally kicks ass. This man has been blessed not only with the ability to speak in tongues, but also with the ability to sing like an angel! I'm not certain if he wrote the lyrics himself or not, but the end of the song moves me to tears every time.

"Oceans are wide,
and skies are blue-eh!
mountains are tall,
valleys are low,
birds fly high,
and i love you aw-eh
ah-hyooo, ah ooohoo hoo-eh
I want you BOY!"

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