Tuesday, May 4, 2010

medieval tim's

so there's this guy called Medieval Tim and legend has it: he traveled through time to open a restaurant. and the gimmick is: he fights other people who he brought from back in time. so it's kind of like dinner and a show. pretty smart idea if you ask me. no wonder nothing got done in the dark ages, all the smart ones traveled to the future!

anyway, this is probably the most difficult post i've ever had to write. how can i possibly describe how awesome this place is? i can't. there's no way. so i'll just show you a few funny things from medieval tim's.

for starters, they tie some of the horse's tails in knots! why do that?! because medieval tim is crazy. he's also got some crazy horses. like the one with rabies (see video).
dinner was awesome. it was a bunch of meat, a potato, apple pie, beer, pebsi, and coffee. all of my favorites!
to clean up after the meal, they gave us pre-moistened towelettes. there were directions on them for heating and cooling, which i found helpful.
finally, there was one knight who's job it is to pick up the horse poops.
it was a magical night ... or should i say "knight?"

no. night was the right one.

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