Monday, April 27, 2009


when i was a little kid, i would get bored. a lot. i would get sad a lot too. i think the two might be linked. anyways, i'd get bored. so then i'd draw or something. but that was boring too. so i'd play nintendo or watch tv or something. but man, that stuff was sooooo boring too. i'd tell my mom i was bored and she'd tell me to go outside. but everything out there was boring. she'd tell me to clean my room. i'd remind her that cleaning is boring too.

now i'm not a little kid anymore.

today's my day off. i drew a boy with weird eyes and teeth. i named him steven. now i don't know what to do. EVERY OPTION SOUNDS AWFUL. so i'm asking you (the ten people who "follow" my blahg) what do YOU do for fun/to make you not so bored you want to blow your brains out? post a comment below or email me personally at idontcarewhatyoudo@yahoo.cup


pete said...

you drarings are really good.

PdiddyRule said...

i'm bored all the time.

AnnaBanAnna said...

i guess when im bored i stalk people online...? hey nic its onotse, i met you with adam a few weeks ago at a party. dont know how i ended up here but im glad i did, cool blog!

schoolpants said...

onotse! what's up! that's weird that you found my blog. but i'm glad you like it. it's good to have you a-bored ... get it? GET IT!?