Friday, April 17, 2009

pepsi's new ad campaign

a lot of people out there are "coke" people. or "diet coke" people. when it comes to colas, the firmly stand their ground. but the thing is this: i'm not a big cola person. but dammit, pepsi's good too. and i don't think people give it a fair shot. today at lunch, i bought a bottle of pepsi-cola. it was very tasty. it was mexican pepsi and it came in a big glass bottle. you should try it. it tastes good. and it makes you feel cool walkin' around in the warm california sun, drinkin' a pepsi-cola out of a big glass bottle. it makes you feel like you're a part of generation next!

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Amber said...

i grew up in a pepsi bottling town -- you couldn't even GET coke from the soda fountains or vending machines in any of the towns within like a 200-mile radius. when my family would go on vacation to some other state and order pepsi and the waitress would say "is coke ok?" we would always say no and have water instead. woo go pepsi!