Monday, April 13, 2009

good decorating day

today got off to a bumpy start. i woke up very late. had a chat with my friend patrick. watched an episode of the wire, followed by an episode of 30rock, followed by dozing on the couch for a bit. followed by a cup o' tea.

that's when things really started to happen. i bought a toy football at cvs and three (3) pictures from goodwill to hang on my walls. then i ate chinese food and watched tv. it was a good day. in terms of decorating the apartment. which are the only terms i ever consider. today i got the "last supper," a still from the "Lion King," and a picture of "me" to hang next to my bedroom door (so everyone knows whose bedroom is whose).


Karine said...

wow, it all looks so different. can't wait to visit again

schoolpants said...

you're welcome to visit anytime. i'll make you some shepherd's pie.