Thursday, April 9, 2009

like andre agassi

so today at work, this guy had a cool t-shirt, so i told him so, just to make sure he knew. and to make sure that he knew that i knew. he said thanks and that he got it in DC (the district of columbia). he told me he'd trade me it for my cool shirt. i told him, this was my dad's old golf shirt (and MY DAD is from DC). the guy said, "it makes me think of like," and he made a tennis gesture with his arm.
i helped him out, "tennis?"
"yeah," he confirmed, "it's like an old tennis shirt."
"like andre agassi?" i asked.
"exactly," he agreed. that made me feel awesome. when i was a kid, i was in the Andre Agassi Fan Club. i wasn't big on tennis. i mean, i played a little and took lessons and junk. but it always seemed like kind of a dumb game to me. but i liked andre agassi. mostly i think because i liked his hair and the way he dressed. and i knew that girls liked him. so i decided i wanted to be like him. so i joined the fan club. because apparently, that's what you do when you're nine and want to be like someone.

also, because i think my brother was in the Michael Jordan Fan Club and i wanted to do something similar but different. don't get me wrong, i liked jordan. i wasn't big on basketball. i just liked jordan because he was a cool dude and had awesome shoes. and because he could do whatever he wanted. i wanted to be like that. but agassi was more my cup of tea. his sport wasn't as mainstream. plus, he got more babes.

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W. Peacock said...

woo! agassi rocks!