Monday, April 13, 2009

gone dishin'

i had a crazy couple o' days followed by a lazy couple o' days.
then my roommate yelled at me. i had already done the dishes (earlier this morning) but that wasn't the point. he wanted them done yesterday.


Adam S. said...

One of the biggest cases of dish rage in my life.

Some key details were left out to make the blogger look less guilty, but I'll take the high road this time.

schoolpants said...

i feel like when people say things like "i'll take the high road this time," or like "i'm gonna be the bigger man," they're really just saying, "i don't want this to become an argument. so, i'll just end it by vaguely saying i'm a better person than you." it really seems like the low road, if you think about it. i mean metaphorically. it's not an actual road.

on an unrelated note, adam was right. some key details were left out. his dish rage was justified.