Tuesday, April 28, 2009

dogs who wear clothes

it's chilly out today. i didn't know it would be chilly. the dog across the street was prepared. he is wearing a sweater today. it reminds me of college. there was this blind girl at my school who always hung out with this seeing-eye dog. they did EVERYTHING together. inseparable friends, you might call them. anyhow, one day it was raining and the dog was wearing a yellow raincoat. at lunch that day (in those days i ate lunch and dinner with my best friends EVERYDAY) my friend trent was telling us he saw the dog that morning wearing a raincoat and it occurred to trent that while the dog was wearing a raincoat AND under the umbrella held by his friend, the blind girl, trenton was without raincoat OR umbrella. we all discussed and agreed that the seeing-eye dog had his life together way moreso than any of us. and i still feel that way. seeing-eye dogs are probably the most selfless and disciplined creatures on the planet. seeing-eye dogs and flight attendants.


Dave said...

man, that dog WAS smart.

schoolpants said...

boy, you said a mouthful.

i swear to gauld, one time, i heard the dog TALKING to the blind girl. not just talking, he was READING to her. he had an aristocratic british accent. and he was wearing glasses.

and he was reading in english, but upon further investigation, i discovered that the book was written in LATIN. he was translating on the fly!