Thursday, April 2, 2009


so i got a new phone today because every two years, the phone company gives me a new one. so i was just getting my stuff transferred and the guy behind the counter was like trying to sell me memory cards and phone cases and crap. i kept shooting him down, as politely as i could. then he kept bugging me about this GPS service. he told me all about it and i feigned interest so as to not hurt his feelings. then he said, "so you want me to set it up?" "no thanks," i replied. "here, i'll show it to you on one of these phones," he tried. "nah, that's okay."

he started to look really annoyed. "it's free for the first month." he said it in the same type of tone i remember hearing mean kids on the schoolbus use when they called other kids "retards." i explained, "yeah, but i don't need it." he didn't respond to that. he just looked at me with hate in his eyes and then finished setting up my phone. "here," he said as he handed to me. "it's all set?" i said with a smile. "yeah," he said without a smile. "cool! thanks a lot!" he didn't say anything else.

salesmen like him are jerks. their whole goal in life is to trick people out of money. they're like gypsies but less interesting.

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