Saturday, April 25, 2009

new shirts!

a couple of days ago, my friend pete ohs sent me an email entitled "my new shirt." attached to that email (via electronic paperclip) was an animated gif file. it was a series of photos depicting pete putting on a new shirt. it was cool. i wanted to make an animated gif file of ME putting on MY new shirt. there's only one problem: i'm dumb!

i couldn't figure out how to make an animated gif file. i wasted like 3 hours trying to figure it out. i got really frustrated and i punched things. and then i was 3 minutes late for work. but then today, i figured i should do SOMETHING with pete's gif and my failed gif. and one thing i DO know how to do is make crappy videos. so i did that. i even "wrote" some original music for the video.

take THAT, gif files!

1 comment:

pete said...

do you still have that drawing you did of me? can i get a copy of it? digitally perhaps?