Tuesday, April 7, 2009


look how siked this guy is about this t-shirt:
i posted a couple days ago about how i'm gonna start making t-shirts for fun. my friend pete commented that he would pay for one of those shirts. i don't know if he was being sarcastic or not.

but i put my t-shirt ideas for sale on zazzle.com because i don't really know how to make my own t-shirts and i don't want to deal with money and stuff. so if you are like pete and would like to pay for one of those shirts, buy them from zazzle. they're pretty expensive (like $21.45 plus shipping). but there's not much i can do about that. i mean, i could put them on crappier t-shirts but that would only save like 3bucks. plus i really like american apparel t-shirts. they're the best. anyway, here's the shirts i drew up:


Karine said...

you sounding a lot like a salesman

Amber said...

my question is how difficult/easy would you find it to get it on with a girl wearing your face on her body? think carefully.

schoolpants said...

karine: i am not a salesman. zazzle is a salesman. but, there's no pressure from either of us.

abner: i find it extremely difficult to get it on with girls no matter what they are wearing.

given the opportunity, however, i believe my face on a t-shirt would not inhibit me whatsoever.