Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i drew a picture of you!

so last night, i was very tired but couldn't fall asleep. so i decided to draw pictures ... in bed ... by candlelight. i figured i'd try to draw pictures of people who have told me they have read my blog FROM MEMORY without looking at pictures of them (you). and i did it all IN INK so that i couldn't erase mistakes. and i kind of let my mind wander. so some people turned into clowns or acorns or spider-type-things or dustballs. it has nothing to do with the personality of the person. also, one girl turned out VERY SAD (top right corner) even though i don't think of her as a sad person. i hope she's (you're) not sad.

so: if you have ever mentioned to me that you have read my blog (even just once), then you are included in the drawing above. some people look a lot like their drawing (patrick rule) and some don't look much like their drawing at all (almost everyone else). i hope you're not offended.


Brian said...

Nic Michaels... i recently found out that you had a blog for the first time when emily and kienan were here a couple weeks ago. Good stuff man. It makes me feel all warm and snugly inside.. just like that fabric softener bear from the commercials. I'm addicted. Sometimes I will realize that it's 5 in the afternoon and that I haven't eaten anything since the previous day; but i've read you're blog and I feel full. Then sometimes, it's 5pm and i've eaten enough to feed a small Sugar-Cane-cutting Hatian village but you hadn't posted anything for that day and I feel as hungry as a poor Somalian, pot-bellied, malnutritioned kid with flies buzzing around my face... Nic, I don't like flies.... FEED ME!!!

Your Friend,

Brian Merce

American Lion said...

Am i the acorn? or the worried guy with rectangle eyes?

schoolpants said...

dear merce;

good to have you aboard. i had no idea the blog had so much nutritional value. the image of you with flies on your face will be a daily reminder to me of just how important it is that i write something. thank you for your kind words of inspiration. but please bear in mind that you still need to eat food. everyday.

your pal,

ps. i don't like flies either!

schoolpants said...

dear 'merican lion;

you ARE the worried guy with rectangle eyes. you were originally a guy in the second row, towards the right, but then it turned into someone else.

please bear in mind, i do not think of you as a worried guy. or as having rectangle eyes. i was just high on nyquil.

yr pal,
nm (nicmichaels)

pete said...

i'm not on there, am i?

schoolpants said...

pete, you're the clown at the bottom.

Dave said...

i can see it now. those ARE pete's flushed cheeks!

pete said...

ha. crap! i thought you might say that.

is dave second row down, second from the right?

this is a really fun guessing game, btw.