Thursday, April 9, 2009

lohoff memorial laundry bag 2002-2009

things break and fall apart. that's life i guess. it's only sad if you want to be a wuss about it. in 2002, my friend bryan lohoff (my roommate at the time) lent me a laundry bag so that i could take my clothes to the laundromat. i thanked him. then he told me to keep it. i refused; it's too kind of him. he insisted; he had a much nicer laundry bag anyway. "cool," i said.
i acquired a lot of strange items from generous roommates. but no item was as useful or lasted me as long as the laundry bag i got from bryan. it went a lot of places with me: ireland, chicago, indianapolis, boston, and finally los angeles (where it met it's demise). it started fraying around the top a year or two ago in boston. it didn't matter. then the drawstring kind of stopped working. i tried to be more careful with it. finally, on my last trip to the laundromat, the bag was pretty much useless. the drawstring does nothing, the top is frayed, the bottom is coming off. it's barely a bag anymore.

i get attached to inanimate objects. it's dumb. but i can't help it. i anthropomorphize the shit out of everything. as a kid, i'd do it a lot with pens especially. when one of my favorite pens was running out of ink, i'd try to save it for special ideas or drawings.
anyway, nowadays i'm trying to get less attached to things. so i went out and bought a new laundry thing. it's like a mesh box. it looked bigger on the picture. i laughed when i opened it. but then i was really glad. i don't have a lot of clothes. so this thing is the perfect size. i also bought new sheets for my bed. my old sheets were this set of grey t-shirt sheets that i had had since 2001. i washed them often, don't worry. but they were very old. and also starting to fall apart. the new sheets are similar material but a different color. this doesn't sound like a big deal but these are very big changes in my life.
also, my friend sean gave me a new weird haircut. so ... lots o' changes. i'm a new man.