Tuesday, November 24, 2009

brains! (zombie voice)

so i'm watching a television programme on BRAINS right now. HUMAN BRAINS. gross, right?
brains are AWESOME!

anyway. i've got some people by the name of Wiltshire in my family. and in this TV programme, there was a dude by the name of Stephen Wiltshire who is this guy with a photographic memory. and he looks at cityscapes and then draws them.
that reminded me of this time my mom was telling me about my granddad (her dad). he worked for the railroad. he worked at the part where they turned the trains around to send them back where they came from... the end of the line, as it were. it was atop this big hill. it overlooked the whole town. he worked up there everyday, with hours of boredom in between trains turning around. anyway, he went and painted the whole panoramic view of the city on the walls of the basement of the house my mom grew up in. she said it was really good. and she said he was good at drawing characters from cartoons too. he'd see a character in a strip in the funny pages and he'd be able to draw it, right away.

it was a cool moment because my mom's dad died when she was pretty young. so she never talked about him too much. so that's one of the only things i know about him.
anyway, he might not be related to this Stephen Wiltshire on TV because the one on TV is black and the one picture i ever saw of my granddad made him look pretty white. but who knows? stephen and i are both like 2 generations from my granddad. i feel like there's a 82% chance we are akin.

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