Tuesday, November 24, 2009

funny thing about texting

here's a funny thing about texting: when i try to text the word "bitch," my phone guesses i'm trying to say "chubi."


Lauren said...


schoolpants said...

yes! that's even better than chubi!

when we were in ireland, i was texting Lauren and i tried to write "woohoo!" and my phone guessed that i was trying to say "zonino!"

"woohoo" wasn't even an option. "zonino" was the ONLY choice.

i'm trying it on my phone now.

...yes. still, zonino is the only option that T9 gives.

this word "zonino" is so full of mystery.

dood said...

its funny to me that you meant to type "mothertrucking" and yet you didn't want to type chubi.

Patrick! said...

what's funnier is that when you sent me that text message, i didn't even bother thinking it meant anything. that is, it made good sense to me. that is, i'm cellular

Patrick! said...

2nd of all, did you intentionally blur my information? that was dumb

schoolpants said...

yes patrick. i blurred your information. i also blurred my signal and how much battery i had left. you know, to avoid identity theft.

that was sarcasm. i hope it read that way.

the truth is: it all came out blurry. instead of taking another picture, i just went into photoshop and typed out the message.

emily said...

There's a kid in my class named Camonte and every time I write his name in my email spell-checker tries to get me to change it to "Cemented."

I am ALWAYS writing emails about this kid because he threatens to kill me periodically and throws stuff and yells, but somehow, I laugh EVERY TIME. Like...out loud. CEMENTED! Such a funny word to call this tiny toothless wannabe murderer!

In other news, my "word verification" word is WEENTIS. Do you get to pick those out?? Sounds like a word you would pick.