Monday, November 9, 2009

you are what you email

you ever notice how you act like your friends sometimes? sometimes i talk just like my friend dave. sometimes i befriend strangers the way my friend kienan would. i accidentally copy a lot of my friends. tonight, i ate panda express for the first time EVER and me and some of my LA pals all imitated each other. it was funny. it made me realize we all have things we do. and we all sort of copy the people we admire sometimes. and eventually that's kind of who you are. you're like 90% stuff you saw and adopted from other people and your like 8% stuff you sort of figured out for yourself and your 2% chimpanzee DNA. so it's important that you're friends with good people and it's important that you're good people and it's important that you know a cool chimpanzee when you see one.

also tonight i realized that panda express is delicious and i'm a fool for waiting this long to give it a try.

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