Thursday, November 19, 2009

uh oh, my baby's dumb

sometimes i worry that my daughter might be stupid.
just kidding. i don't have a daughter. but someday, i might have a daughter. and if she eats toilet paper, i'm not going to call her stupid. i'm not going to do anything. because if you want the truth, i've eaten some toilet paper in my day. i'm not gonna lie to you. i knew it was something i wasn't supposed to eat, but i did it anyway. i wasn't doing it to look cool or rebel against my parents. it was just something i wanted to experience, for me. the toilet paper felt soft. i had eaten bits of notebook paper in school - the notebook paper was too coarse for my liking - so i tried some tp. and you know something? it wasn't bad. i enjoyed it.


pete said...

do you think blogging has made you smarter or dumber?

Osiokeh said...

when i was a child, i bathed with my siblings and made bubble beards that made me look like a pint-sized hernan cortes. not sure what that said about my intelligence, but i always Knew something about that wasnt quite right.

schoolpants said...

pete: i think blogging has made me dumber, as evidenced by the quality of my posts as of late.

osiokeh: i had to wikipedia hernan cortes. that dude looks awesome. he has such fashionable hats in all his portraits.