Wednesday, November 4, 2009

made in the USA!

so a couple years ago, i shot a movie that required like 20 strings of christmas lights. so i ordered them online from this place called the christmas depot. and since then, they've been sending me emails. i would unsubscribe to the email list, but some of the emails are soooo funny. like this one. they're advertising their artificial christmas trees which are made in the USA. what better way to do this than with photos of families on christmas morning, a floating bald eagle head in front of the american flag, a crudely drawn political cartoon about heath care reform, a screengrab from a fake news show that says RECESSION, an unemployment line, a clipart that says TAXES, 6 fake trees, and a "babe" in a santa hat.

these images are supposed to support the fact that buying fake trees from the United States "matters."

maybe i'm just stupid, but i don't get it. i don't understand the question OR the relevance of any of the photos. except maybe the health care reform drawing. that makes me think of christmas trees.


Amber said...

um, i've been freelancing at christmas depot. they hired me because of my microsoft paint skills. copy/paste/drag, baby!

pete said...

"i don't understand the question!"