Friday, November 13, 2009

friday the thirteenth

you know, i was just reading about gioachino rossini, the popular italian composer who wrote the barber of seville, and according to wikipedia, rossini regarded friday as an unlucky day and thirteen as an unlucky number. and he just so happened to die on friday the thirteenth. the thirteenth of november 1868, to be exact ... that was exactly 141 years ago today.

do you know what that means???

me neither.

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baby said...

Do you want to know something about Friday the 13th? It's a great day to fly! I was all pumped up because I got this great price for a random flight from Chicago to New York, like, the cheapest flight I'd ever bought, and I finally felt so clever and valuable and special... and then I realized--even the airlines cave to superstition about Friday the 13th. Other freaks don't want to fly that day. My flight was that cheap ON PURPOSE.

However, this is also a very useful thing to remember for the future. You're welcome.