Tuesday, November 24, 2009

more on brains (moron brains)

so also in this tv show on brains that i'm watching, they've talked about the amygdala, which is the part of the brain that makes you empathize with other people. psychopaths have screwed-up amygdalas. the amygdalas of psychos can be up to SEVENTEEN times smaller than those of a regular person! yet the rest of their brain is just as smart and normal as a regular person.

what a rip off! no wonder so many normal people are such dicks!

if there's that much of a fluctuation, i think i must have an extra big amygdala (maybe up to seventeen times bigger) and that's why i can't be a dick to anyone.

not that i want to be a dick to anyone. but. c'mon. some people deserve it.


Anonymous said...

The tale of Phineas Gage:


Patrick! said...

you want a big dick

my word verification was "reard"

i thought it said retard

who's the retard, you or me?

trick question. it was racist