Thursday, November 12, 2009

skeleton key

i really like the idea of skeleton keys. a skeleton key is a key that can unlock anything that's locked. skeleton keys don't really exist except for in zelda and stuff like that. but i think it's a cool idea to be able to get into all these places that nobody's supposed to be able to get into. metaphorically, of course. i don't really want to be able to get into your apartment while you're not there.
unless i'm setting up a surprise party.
even though you say hate surprise parties.
even though i think everyone secretly loves surprise parties.
but other than setting up surprise parties, i would never use my skeleton key. it would just be nice to know that i had it, you know?
...or i guess if you accidentally locked yourself out. then i could save the day with my skeleton key and get you in.
but i bet people would abuse that. locksmiths would go out of business because everyone would be calling me to help them out.
i'd have to set a strict rule: my skeleton key is not used to help you when you lock yourself out.
sorry guys. them's the rules.

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