Sunday, November 22, 2009

my boat dream

i just realized i don't think i've told you guys about my boat dream. here it is: so i've been having this recurring dream for YEARS now. it usually takes place at my grandparents' lake cottage. i'm either on the boat or on the dock near the boat and i'm fully clothed and i accidentally fall in the water. the first thing that ALWAYS goes through my head is "my cell phone is in my pocket" and i try to get out of the water quickly, hoping my cell phone isn't ruined.

sometimes the dream takes place some place exotic and i'm cliff diving or something and then freak out about my cell phone. sometimes i fall into a swimming pool. a couple of times it has been a river.

sometimes i fall off a speed boat, a yacht, a raft. i've fallen off a rope bridge, a dock, a huge pier. i've even jumped out of a helicopter into water, i think.

but i'm always falling into a body of water. most of the time it's an accident. i never get hurt or anything. but the cell phone is always my primary concern.

also, in real life, i have NEVER accidentally fallen into a body of water OR ruined my cell phone.

WHY do i keep having this dream???

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Patrick! said...

kenji jumped in a pool with his iphone and put it in a bag of rice. then he put the bag of rice/phone in a pan and put the pan on the stove top and turned the burner on.

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