Tuesday, February 3, 2009

coolest homeless guy

the other day, i was standing on the sidewalk, talking to friends, when a homeless dude approached us and said "hey, you remember me?" and we all grumbled our own version of "no," and he said, "you owe me a dollar." and we all got even more uncomfortable and shuffled around and avoided eye contact and mumbled things like "sorry" or "that wasn't me" or whatever. and then he said, "i washed your car and you said you'd give me a dollar." so i said, "i don't have a car." then he put his hands up to his face in a very cartoony way and said "oh no! i washed the wrong car!"

and then he walked away. it was hilarious. if i see him again, i'm totally giving him a dollar.

p.s. that picture up there isn't a picture of the homeless dude i was talking about. that guy up there is some other guy.

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