Wednesday, February 25, 2009

we're different

i woke up at about a quarter to one this afternoon. that's pretty late but not entirely out of the ordinary. and not obscenely late considering i was up until around four editing this stupid video that's taking FOREVER to upload on to youtube.

so i moseyed on out of my room and had a quick chat with my flatmate, adam. he, as always, was working from his laptop, in pajama-like garb. he pointed out how we clearly don't quite follow the normal rules of society. we work strange jobs and keep weird hours and spend a lot of time in pajama-like garb. time doesn't mean much to us in the way that it does to others.

that reminded me of something that happened last night at work. we have this thing at the coffee shop where you pay a bunch of money and then you get a "free" pound of coffee each month. so these two dudes come in, with their card that says they're in this club, and they want some coffee. i've actually never dealt with these cards and i was always under the impression that no one ever took advantage of this "deal" that we offer. so i was asking another employee what i was supposed to do with this card they handed me. i needed to write the kind of coffee, the date, and my name. so i said "what is today, the twenty-first?" and everyone laughed at me. the customers and my fellow employees. "it's the twenty-fourth," they corrected. "oh," i joked, "i must've been asleep for a couple days."

but really anymore, i rarely know the day of the week. i know it's late febraury2009. i thought that was enough. because what does it matter really? dates and times are all made up anyway.

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