Wednesday, February 11, 2009

video texts

here's some footage i got on my iphone of my friends, trent and dave, hiking in the forest. we were just hiking. and i was doing some stuff on my iphone. and so i was just like what the heck. savor the memories. you only live once right? might as well get it all on your iphone.

maybe in the future, when people die, at the funerals, other people will just show everything on the dead person's phone and on his/her facebook account. and that will be the eulogy. and if that person is really important, then his/her phone and facebook are his/her autobiography.


Laucyfer said...

Bez lupy, nawet bez mikroskopów... Jedyne takie miejsce, gdzie gołym okiem możesz zobaczyć jak żyją jednokomórkowce. Jakie mają problemy, czym się zajmują, co ich interesuje, jakie mają charaktery... Polecam!

American Lion said...

I like the part where I kick dave.

American Lion said...

also, I think you should post the comic strip about the books

schoolpants said...

dude! i forgot about that comic strip about the books!