Thursday, February 12, 2009

sam harkenharken

9 days ago was my buddy sam sharkenrider's twenty-6th barthday. sam's not just one of my buddies. he saved my life (more like shaved my wife! now, THAT i would LIKE! ... i'm kidding. he really did save my life. my wife is dead).

when i met sam, he was going under the alias, "clark salmon-rider." and he was working as an oil rig safety inspector. clark was really bustin' my balls about the specs on my main drill bit. i said to him, "look barfen-fifer! i got CONTRACTS sayin' i gotta drill HERE. but i CAN'T til ya sign these here papers sayin' my drill bit's in working conDITION!"

anyway, long story short: he saved my life. unfortunately, he was unable to save my wife's life. in the years since, sam and i have become pretty good friends. except now he goes by "mark harkensammer." he's a wedding planner in Plano, Texas. i draw him a barthday card every year. starting this year.

happy barthday pal.

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