Thursday, February 26, 2009

crappie practical jokes

i got a subscription invoice from Crappie World yesterday. Crappie World is a fishing publication that focuses specifically on the Crappie breed o' fish. Crappie World works in association with Bassin' another fishing publication. Bassin' is also a verb meaning "fishing for bass." one might say, for example, "What are you up to this weekend, Pierre?" and Pierre might reply, "well, Jean-Luc, i think i'm going bassin' on sunday."

anyway, someone apparently signed me up for Crappie World as a practical joke. the weird thing about practical jokes is that they're almost never practical. and sometimes they aren't really jokes. but i like this one. for obvious reasons. crappie world looks like crappy world which is how some people view the world. not me. not today, anyway.

last year someone got me a subscription to Good Housekeeping. or something like that. one of those women's magazines. i figured it was one of my brothers. but they denied it. do you know who is sending these magazines my way? please offer insights.

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