Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tabloid teasers: best board game ever?

last night, in a far off land called "monrovia, CA," i played a game called Tabloid Teasers. never heard of it? well, it was released in 1991 by Pressman Toys, the fine people who brought you such classic board games as Michigan Rummy, Giant Pick Up Sticks, Deluxe Wood Michigan Rummy, and Black Heritage Trivia Game (for the record, in this writer's opinion, there is nothing trivial about Black Heritage).

here's how tabloid teasers works: you get part of a real tabloid headline. but part of it is missing. so you fill in the blank, by writing your answer on a tiny piece of paper and handing it to the reader (each round, one person takes a break from writing in order to read the other headlines) so the reader reads all the fake headlines, AS WELL AS the real one. the writers each guess which one the real headline is. if you get it right, you move one space. if someone guesses your headline, you get to move another space.

sound like a stupid game? it is. but if you're playing with hilarious people, it's the best board game ever. seriously.

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